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You may be in the Engineering, Manufacturing, Transportation, Communications, or Government Services sectors. Whatever your domain, you've undoubtedly thought of, explored, or implemented some flavor of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). You've also undoubtedly heard horror stories of breakdowns in security or critical machinery and have developed a wariness for both.
We're a Systems Integration (SI) Company. As such, we have the Management, Project Management, Professional Engineering, Communications Engineering and Software Engineering to carry a project from Needs Assessment all the way through to final Commissioning and Acceptance, assuring that the end result will be secure and reliable.. 
We Make Things Happen!
Our Mission : To work as your team to undertake the design and build of an IIoT  system based on YOUR Needs. It may be off the shelf, partially custom, or completely custom. We marshall the most appropriate MCUs/MEMS, Operating Systems,  Communications links and Cloud Processing to meet those needs robustly and securely.
Together We Make Things Happen! 
Meeting your business IIoT needs.

View us as your IIoT Team!

We design our mission critical systems with the redundancy and backup to afford you with 99.999% Uptime. That is a Public Safety standard level of uptime! No more than about 5 1/4 minutes downtime per year!
From the sensor/controller device level to the gateway to the cloud host we use the latest security techniques available to assure a level of security concomitant with the value of your information and systems. Priceless!
Technology Specialists
Cloud Processing
 iOTA World is not a "Consultancy" which would typically design a system and then leave you on your own to implement. We're proud to take full ownership of our product for you until it's fully operational and beyond. 
 This way you get the best of breed- taking responsibility for development, commissioning AND if you wish, the operations and maintenance of your IIoT system beyond commissioning.
Our team is expert with the development of IIoT processing and "Big Data" storage for statistical analysis in the cloud. We build management reports and action messages for Single-Site and very large Muli-Site organisations spanning continents.
Making your ideas a reality